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17.1.2011 – 18.2.2011 Evaluation project
Getting Started and be Heard!
Bridge – Luckan is looking for persons with immigrant background that are 18 yrs or above and have a vocational or university degree to take part in an evaluation of Bridge services. We offer three separate individual consultation sessions and one CV workshop.

The purpose of the sessions is to help you find a job, study place, language course or hobby in Finland and evaluate how well we managed to assist you. The process will include two interviews, one in the beginning and one in the end, completed by a student from University of Helsinki.

Are you:

– A person with an immigrant background 18 years and above?

Do you:

– have a vocational or university degree?


– in getting started?

Join and help us develop our service! For more information and registrations contact
before 23.12.2010 or from 10.1.2011 onwards Note: limited number of participants

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