The information center Luckan welcomes all new arrivals to the Capital Region

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Press release 8th of August 2019

The information center Luckan welcomes all new arrivals to the Capital Region

In the end of July Luckan Integration sent a welcome letter to 2200 persons, age 18 and over, that have
moved to the Capital Region during 2019 and don’t have one of the domestic languages as their mother
tongue. The purpose of the letter is to tell about the possibility to integrate in Swedish, a possibility that
has often been forgotten in the information to newly arrived. The letter includes an invitation to an
information and coffee session on Monday the 12th of August at Luckan on Yrjönkatu in Helsinki.
The welcome letter is part of Luckan Integrations three year project Kompetenscenter for Swedish
integration, that started in spring 2019. Project manager Veronica Hertzberg points out that when one is
new in Finland one has the right to an integration course, either in Finnish or in Swedish. One can also
apply for citizenship in either language. Furthermore there is the right to get service by the authorities in
Swedish and a Swedish speaking education path can also be chosen; from early childhood education to
higher education. We should not forget that we have a rich Swedish culture, in literature, theater and
music among other fields, and through the Swedish language the rest of the Nordic countries opens up.
The project maps out how the integration in Swedish, for children, youth and adults, works in the Capital
Region, and the aim is to build a strategy for pathways for Swedish integration. The project aims to
strengthen the cooperation between the public sector, education organizations, employers and the third

– We want to improve the information on the possibility of choosing Swedish as an integration language
so that it reaches the target group at an early stage. Luckan serves as a hub for information and supports
newcomers in exploring their opportunities, says Ann-Jolin Grüne, Development Manager for Luckan
As financiers stand Aktiastiftelsen Tre smeder, Aktiastiftelsen Esbo-Grankulla and Aktiastiftelsen

For more information contact:
Project manager Veronica Hertzberg phone 0505819924, [email protected]